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Borehole Pumps & Filters

A complete UV filtration package

Borehole Pumps & Filters

With mains water becoming more expensive, many companies and households are re-instating existing boreholes/wells as their main water supply. We can supply and install borehole pumps and filtration systems to ensure high quality water supply. UV filtration is a common method used to ensure the removal of bacteria. We are also able to provide reverse osmosis which will remove everything but the water.

We provide a complete package for your clean water requirements providing all manner of pumps from borehole pumps to small peripheral pumps. Our engineers are fully skilled on all types of systems.

Borehole Pumps & Filters

We also supply items such as filter cartridges and UV filtration tubes, which are readily in stock.

There are many filtration methods available and these, along with pumps, should be serviced on a regular basis. W.T.S Water Treatment Services Ltd can give you advice on how often and to what extent these systems should be looked after.

Remember - whatever the system, W.T.S Water Treatment Services Ltd will be able to provide a professional, efficient and reliable service for you.