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The natural habitat of this Pirana is your Septic Tank!


Pirana System

Homeowners need straight answers with a real and affordable solution for failed systems and soak aways! The Pirana System is the inexpensive and easy to install solution. In the last six years there have been thousands of installations across Canada and the United States Cutting edge bio technology has been established in the USA for over a decade. Thousands of satisfied homeowners in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand have Pirana systems installed. Now Pirana UK have sole distribution rights for Europe, with their distributor Pirana Ireland having the sole distribution rights for Ireland.

W.T.S Water Treatment Services Ltd are approved installers and service engineers of the Pirana Systems.

What is a conventional septic tank system?

A septic tank system is designed to be either:

Conventional - without air added to the liquid, or

Aerobic - with air added to the liquid

A septic tank system is comprised of three parts:

The purpose of the three part system is simple and easy to understand.

First: the purpose of the tank is to remove most of the organic solid waste from the water.

Conventional septic tanks - without air added to the liquid - simply store the solid waste until you remove the solid waste by de-sludging the septic tanks

Aerobic tanks - with air added to the liquid - grow oxygen breathing bacteria that remove solid waste by digesting it.

Second: the purpose of the soak away or disposal field, is to spread the liquid from the septic tank over a calculated underground area of soil, so the liquid can be absorbed or soaked up by the soil efficiently.

Third: the purpose of the soil is to do the final treatment and purification of the liquid from the septic tank. 
Large numbers of microscopic life forms called microbes live in the soil hese microbes eat the remaining waste in the liquid. 
This purifies the liquid so it is safe and will not pollute drinking water or the environment.

Over time drain fields and soak aways become clogged/blocked with dead microbes known as biomat, this biomat is the common cause for soak-away failure.

The Pirana Solution

Any solution to septic tank failure must be simple, inexpensive and easy to install.

Prior to the invention of the Pirana System, by Jerry Fife in the USA, there were no solutions available to septic system failures.

Understanding the Pirana System is easy:

Your septic system has now been restored!